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“This season I was inspired by the ocean, seafarers and the myths and mysteries of the underwater world. I wanted the collection to not only evoke the intrepid and adventurous spirit of sailors and world travelers, but also the mystery and darkness of the ocean’s depths, populated with mermaids and mythological creatures.” - Joseph Altuzarra Exploring our collective longing for travel and the space between reality and myth, fact and fantasy, Altuzarra's collection evolves through a framework of sea explorers and nautical creatures. Fall 2022 examines the stories that surround these worlds in the unique vocabulary of everyday luxury that Altuzarra is known for. Emblematic of this language, the traditional sailor marinière - an instant wardrobe staple - is imagined in sweater form and anchored in thick rib knit. Peacoats with oversized shearling lapels, weathered knitwear, and mother-of-pearl fastenings all nod to rugged coastlines and maritime history. The show is held in New York City’s historic Woolworth Building, with its dramatic ceiling featuring motifs of fish scales, sea creatures, and small sailboats. Evocative of faraway travel, the building is also the location of Altuzarra’s studio and headquarters, making it symbolically and physically very close to home.

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