Chanel - Métiers d'art
Chanel - Métiers d'art
2022 • Fall-Winter • Women • Top BrandsFashion & Beauty

Introduced by Dimitri Chamblas’ choreographies and the harmonies of singer Obree Daman and his choralists, the 2022/23 Métiers d'art CHANEL-DAKAR show was held against the majestic backdrop of Dakar’s former Palais de Justice, with its rhythmic columns and sunlit inner garden. The collection celebrates the spirit of the 1970s with silhouettes with vibrating colours and richly ornate embroideries of beads and sequins, textured tweeds and floral motives. Silhouettes are finessed with beaded sautoirs layered with sparkling pendants and bold belt buckles adorned with Mademoiselle Chanel’s lion. Imagined by Virginie Viard and crafted between the CHANEL Ready-to Wear ateliers in Paris and the Maisons d’art of

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