Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani
2022 • Spring-Summer • Men • Top BrandsFashion & Beauty

On Via Borgonuovo, the place where it all began, Giorgio Armani explores once again the idea of clothing that frees instead of constricting, of carefree thoughts instead of carelessness, of classic as proof of progress. He does so by observing the times in which we live, the shared sense of style that is increasingly moving away from formality and decisively embracing the informality of sportswear. However, Giorgio Armani never gives up his sense of pertinence, which is an idea of dignity, of disdain for any excess — even when he reaches the height of nonchalance, even in the liberating gesture of legs uncovered by Bermuda shorts. The suit is revamped in its shapes, proposing the idea of coordinated top and bottom: an evening shirt with a stand-up collar or a denim jacket-like cut combined with trousers with darts made in the same pinstripe wool, or a gilet-jacket with Bermuda shorts. The collection is imbued with a particular sense of lightness: weightless materials, shapes that fluidly caress the body, a c. lm and nonchalant attitude. A sporty way of dressing-dynamic, comfortable and bold-made up of instinctive and essential choices and colours that span from blue to sandy hues and chalk white, with pops of red and green that recall the world of nature - always in harmony, of course.

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